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About Howard Group – A Real Estate Development Company

Howard Group is a portfolio real estate development company specializing in premier commercial developments and upscale resort residential properties. It is located in one of the most exciting and prosperous regions of the country – Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The company was founded in 1988 by Keith Howard, a dynamic innovator who is dedicated to the sustainable and responsible development of prime real estate.

A diverse and visionary company, Howard Group takes a thoughtful approach to developing its well-chosen and desirable projects, including world-class waterfront residential, Town Centers, outlet retail centersharbor redevelopment, marinas, hospitality management and the finest office space.

Howard Group’s commitment to high quality and re-investment to the region has produced unparalleled growth and opportunities, keeping Howard Group in the forefront of the industry.

Howard Group’s impact on state and local taxes is more than $12 million annually. The company is responsible for generating nearly 3,000 full and part-time jobs, with that number to grow substantially as Grand Boulevard continues to expand. Wages alone account for more than $80 million for people in the local communities.

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