Our company is committed to better business practices when it comes to redevelopment in neighborhoods and other community areas.

The Howard Group standards of sustainable, ethical, and purpose-driven development ring true throughout each project, no matter the industry or size. We wish to help create a better community for all who live, work, play, and visit.

Redevelopment projects include public buildings and spaces, civic initiatives such as highway landscaping, tree preservation, improvements to infrastructure and utilities, and much more. Our team is proud to support local government and community organizations to continue making improvements. Visit our Civic Initiatives page for more information.

Howard Group has also assembled several harbor waterfront properties for development. The public infrastructure for this land is being prepared for future growth. Possible development includes a world-class marina, pedestrian-friendly walkways, signature hotels, residences, restaurants, retail, entertainment, and public harbor access. Howard Group’s dedication to responsible harbor development, including meeting city covenants, exemplifies the company’s commitment to private/public partnership with the City of Destin, Florida. The Destin Harbor is currently undergoing a long-term planned redevelopment of over two miles of waterfront property located on Destin’s working harbor. Howard Group’s harbor plans are designed to complement the city’s improvement project.

Heron Harbor Boat Dock
Aerial of Destin Harbor